Education Entrepreneurship Eternal Values

A changing world requires that we reimagine our schools. It is essential that each student gains the knowledge, skills, and guidance needed to thrive in the real-world.
Will we dare to do something different for the coming generation? For us at E3 Academy, our answer is "YES!"
We provide a full 3-12 curriculum, making it easy for people like you to establish small learning communities.
‍Academics at E3 are set up like a gaming system. Once the student masters a level, they move up, transforming from a time-based to learner-based program that the students absolutely love! Many students complete two grade levels in only one year.  This innovative academic system also benefits students who struggle with certain coursework because they can go at their own pace until success is experienced.

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leaders are change agents. They influence others. They accomplish objectives.

The Leader As A Servant

Jesus explains spiritual leadership with the statement, "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

The Leader As A Shepherd

The primary duties of a shepherd are to lead, feed and meet the needs of the sheep. When we stop caring for people, we relinquish the right to lead. The adage is true..."People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care." True spiritual leaders will always have a high concern for the task and high concern for the people involved.

Earn College Credit While Still In High School


college credit through partnerships with local colleges. It is never too early to start thinking about life after high school.

Graduate Early

with a high school diploma and an Associate Degree, having already completed the first two years of college.


academic and career fields of interest in greater depth as you try it out to rule it out while discovering your strengths and your passions.


specialized courses that can provide an early path to career and entrepreneurial success.