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Classroom Learning

E3 Academy is a mastery-based experience. This provides real-world learning in the four basics necessary for academic success: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Students progress to the next level as they exhibit subject mastery.
Older students have the option of enrolling in accredited college courses.

Real World Experiences

Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and other learning opportunities. This includes learning the foundational principles of entrepreneurship, marketing, and financial literacy through a series of engaging classes, community activities. and connecting with successful business leaders.

E3 Academy Values

1. A flexible environment without the confines of yearly grade levels, where students progress as they reach concept mastery and are ready for further study.
2. A rigorous academic curriculum.
3. An individualized curriculum allowing students to pursue their strengths and interests.
4. A comprehensive education that honors the students' needs for socialization, field trips, and personal accountability.
5. A learning environment with high moral values as exemplified by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
6. A family's right to be an integral and motivating force in their child's education.  

Watch us Grow! Create an E3 school in your area!
See information under "Partnerships" and help us put an end to the current education system that is built on comparison and making everyone the same. Lest you think this is some utopian pipe dream, let us assure you that mastery-based education is real. When we personalize learning and make sure that every child has the time and resources they need to master the content on their own terms, competence increases. Competence fuels hope. Hope breeds motivation. Motivation leads to persistence. Persistence leads to accomplishment. Join our inspiration to put an end to boring, stressful, and irrelevant learning by creating students that are free thinkers who develop critical thinking skills, challenge assumptions, imagine new possibilities, and invent the goods and services that will make our lives better.