About me

Michael has served at Bible Baptist Church of Pflugerville, Texas for twelve years and currently leads as their Senior Pastor. He and his wife, Elena, have been involved in church and charitable endeavors for more than 25 years working specifically with at-risk families, single parents, the economically disadvantaged, and immigrants.

Michael was the first foster boy at a home missions boy’s ranch project known as Century Youth Ranch. Today, Century Charities no longer raises boys in a full-time setting, but ministers to families around the world through education, orphanages, and leadership training.  

Michael is CEO of a very successful international touchscreen company he started in 2002. His passion continues to be to share the love of God and reach into the lives of students through the creation of God-focused, college-preparatory, mastery-based, individualized, and experiential school plants. Today, he and his family, through Century Charities’ ministry, have planted affiliate schools in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Thailand.